Compare and save on gold bullion with GoldOnline.com – a price comparison engine tracking the world’s most traded and recognisable gold bullion coins and bars from reputable precious metal dealers.

Specialising in investment grade gold bullion from LBMA-accredited refiners and Federal Mints. A focus on globally-recognisable gold bullion that bears internationally accredited hallmarks to assure you of liquidity when selling your gold.


  • First time investors looking to diversify into physical gold with the assurance of global liquidity from an internationally recognised hallmark.
  • Seasoned gold collectors who know exactly what they want and are simply looking for the best deal online.
  • Gold bugs hunting for flash sales on investment grade gold bullion to add to their stockpile.


GoldOnline.com was created to promote real time price discovery and transparency in the physical gold bullion market to help gold buyers make informed decisions.

Achieved by aggregating prices in real time on the world’s most popular gold bullion coins and bars from a vetted list of reputable precious metal dealers. To maintain quality standards, search results list only LBMA-accredited refiners and Federal Mints.

We use affiliate links to help pay for the costs of providing a free service. Meaning, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


GoldOnline.com was founded in the spirit of: People First, Money Second.

  1. People First – serve the user first.
  2. Money Second – monetise our efforts so we can continue to provide a free service. 

The importance of rule number 1: “serve our users first” over objective number 2: “monetise the website to pay the bills” means our price comparison engine will always prioritise and promote a bullion dealer’s most competitive price.

You can read more answers to questions about GoldOnline.com at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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