We partner with a vetted list of reputable bullion dealers to find you the best bullion deals by comparing real time prices on gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars.

Our price comparison engine is coded to prioritise and rank – in real time – the most competitive bullion dealer’s price for your searched bullion item. We do this by aggregating prices from a vetted list of reputable bullion dealers from across the globe. Most of these bullion dealers are authorised distributors of Federal Mints and LBMA-accredited gold refiners.

Our goal is to search deals from the widest range of reputable precious metal dealers as possible, so that you can choose the best deal that suits you. But not every bullion dealer can be included in our service.

This is because we only work with precious metal dealers who offer gold bullion from, or are authorised distributors for, LBMA-accredited refiners and Federal Mints. We only include gold that can be instantly recognised by internationally acclaimed hallmarks.

There are also some precious metal dealers who don’t want their products included on a comparison site, and some gold bullion dealers simply don’t have affiliate programs. 

There are also a few smaller gold bullion dealers who may struggle to cope with the volume of customers if they appear on GoldOnline.com.

GoldOnline’s comparison services are free for you to use and the payment we receive from our partners will never change the amount you pay for your gold bullion. To keep this service free, we use affiliate links to help cover costs. Meaning, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Any commercial agreement we have with a precious metals dealer won’t affect how we compare and rank prices. Our website code has been written and optimised to always display price results in a way that helps you get the best deal. This is why we’ve built filters and sorting functions into price search results.

One of the many benefits of gold as an asset-class lies within its liquidity. “It’s as good as gold” they say, referring to the ability for gold owners to sell at any time, anywhere. To maintain quality standards and ensure your bullion can be readily sold to precious metal dealers, search results show gold bullion from LBMA-accredited refiners and Federal Mints.

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