British Sovereign Gold Coin

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• Refiner: The Royal Mint
• Design: British Sovereign
• Weight: 7.98g
• Fineness: 916.7
• Karat: 22K
• Diameter: 22.05mm
• Thickness: 1.52mm
• Origin: United Kingdom
• LBMA-Accredited: No


The Royal Mint British Sovereign Gold Coin

Widely regarded as the flagship bullion coin of The Royal Mint, British Gold Sovereign Coins are perfect for diversifying your gold investment portfolio and adding small fractional gold coins to it. The Gold Sovereign Coin bears the iconic image the patron saint of England, St. George slaying a dragon. In its current form, this British Gold Coin, otherwise known as the Sovereign Gold Coin, has been minted since 1817. Gold Sovereign Coin history however, goes back to 1489 and the reign of King Henry VII.

Recognized worldwide for its purity and historical significance, the British Gold Sovereign Coin is minted in 22-karat gold. Old British Sovereign Gold Coins contain exactly 0.23542 oz (7.322381 g) of gold and have a face value of £1.

Given the long history of this classic Great Britain Gold Coin’s mintage, Sovereign Gold Coins are highly recognised gold bullion coins in the global market.

Gold bullion Sovereigns are one of the most investable and recognisable gold coins in the world – first minted over 200 years ago and used as British currency ever since.  The 2019 Sovereign coin is 7.988 grams of 22-carat gold.

The coin bears the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, aged 88 at the time of commission. It was designed by Jody Clark of the Royal Mint – the first time one of their own staff had sculpted the portrait – and features the Queen in the King George IV State Diadem (worn during the annual State Opening of Parliament) and Diamond Jubilee drop pearl earrings.

The latin accompanying her is DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF. Expanded this is ‘Dei Gratia Regina’ or ‘By the Grace of God, Queen’. FID DEF stands for ‘Fidei Defensatrix’ which means ‘Defender of the Faith’; a nod to her status as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

In keeping with tradition, the reverse of the coin portrays St George on a horse slaying a dragon, as designed by Benedetto Pistrucci in 1816 ready for the Royal Mint’s revival of Sovereigns in 1817.

Once a circulation coin, now The Royal Mint’s flagship coin, minted in 916.7 gold – the most tightly specified coin in the world

One of the oldest coins still produced today, The Sovereign was first struck over 500 years ago in 1489, it was named to honour the king and has been a symbol of strength and prestige ever since. During the nineteenth century, the gold Sovereign was a recognised currency in more than 20 countries.

The Sovereign offers a sense of luxury, history and symbolism that no other coin can match. It has become an internationally recognised symbol of unrivalled accuracy, integrity and strength. A circulating coin, it was struck in 916.7 fine gold to withstand daily use and it is struck from that same durable gold today. Adorned by the renowned engraver Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic Saint George and the dragon design, which has endured for 200 years.


Specification: British Sovereign Gold Coin


The Royal Mint


British Sovereign








United Kingdom


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